You Can Vote However You Like

4 11 2008

Yeterday, en mi clase de espanol, we watched this video on YouTube. It’s great. These kids are so well-educated!! Enjoy 🙂


A little chat with God…

10 06 2008


Okay, so basically God is wrecking my life!

I’m going to take a second to get real with you people.

About a year ago, I was closest to God than I ever have been before. I was fearless when speaking about Jesus, I was passionate like never before about the lost, the world, this generation and Jesus Christ, and I was totally willing to own nothing and be nothing but a vessel for God to use for His glory.

After months of SARAH getting in the way, months of independence (not depending on God, that is) and months of just TALK about prayer, but no actual prayer… I got a little far behind in my walk with Christ.

Relationships started deteriorating (praise God for forgiving friends like Josh Ferrara),

My attitude started turning really bad,

and I missed opportunities to grow and learn and pour into people’s lives.

I realized all of this after Elevate graduation, when I looked back on the year and honestly, could not say I was proud of myself. Yeah, I got all A’s in college. Yeah, I graduated with honors in Elevate. But NO, I did not feel like I had served enough, given enough, or reached enough! NO, I did not maintain God- breathed friendships. And NO I did not put others before myself!

After meeting with Tiffany a few weeks ago, I have decided to work on three areas of my Christian walk. The first is SELFLESSNESS. The second is TOTAL DEPENDENCE ON GOD. The third is my PRAYER LIFE.

Now, for the cool part!

I decided to start the devotional Enjoy the Silence, which basically is a 30 day meditational experiment about hearing the voice of God. We got these at Amplified a while back, and though the book is more geared toward youth, it is still an excellent tool for growing your prayer life.

I just sat down with God the other day and explained to him how I really desired to just hear His voice and speak with Him at all times. Well, God has proved to be so faithful through these devotionals!

Day One was based on Luke 8:4-15.

After reading this, I realized that lately, I have been an example of seed thrown on CHOKED soil. I have been letting too many things take the #1 spot in my heart (which is SUPPOSED to be reserved for God by the way.) I have let worry and so many other things get in the way of my walk with God!

So after reading this devotion and meditating on it and allowing God to prove faithful and speak into my life, I walked outside and was looking at my sister’s vegetable garden. This is what God blatantly spoke to me as I was in the garden:

Sarah, here is a tomato plant that is growing and growing and growing, and look, it is producing fruit. Pretty soon it will be ripe and it will be able to be harvested.

This tomato plant is also growing. It is in the same garden as the other one, but the difference is that it is not producing fruit. Sarah, this is where you are. You are growing and growing and growing, but there is no fruit to harvest. Will you please let me cultivate you and produce fruit in you so that you too may be able to produce an abundant harvest?

I tell you what. I was floored at the faithfulness of God to speak words of wisdom into my heart through a TOMATO PLANT! I am just asking all of you to hold me accountable to what God has called me to do: to Love Him and to Love Others.

The tomato plant has already been picked twice, and it is still producing fruit. I just pray that I can be a true, genuine servant of Christ who constantly produces fruit!

So there you have it. No more selfishness. No more laziness. No more putting things before my GOD. I love you all, and just wanted to share what was on my heart!



She calls me the lazy blogger…

1 06 2008

Okay so the beautiful Leah Friedrichs refers to me as the “Lazy Blogger.”
You see, I was complaining to the little lass the other day that I don’t have anything to blog about.

She then was looking through the pictures on my computer commenting, and as she would pass certain ones I would say, “Oh yeah, I was going to blog about that, but I didn’t feel like it.”

Thus, that is how I became known as the lazy blogger.

So what I have decided to do in memory of my friend [who is in Tanzania, so you BETTER be praying for her] is to write and complete some posts from earlier this year…

So here you go. Hopefully you don’t get too bored or think I am too weird.

POST #1 – Easter- Time Peeps Blow Up Fest

So we in the Andry family have a little tradition for Easter. You know those little marshmallow PEEPS things that are oh so popular every Easter? Well I love those things.

No, I don’t love EATING them because they taste like cardboard. Instead, we Andrys just blow them up.

This year, the lucky Trice Head had the privelege of blowing them up with us.

Here are the Peeps, still nicely nesting in their box:

The little things still have no idea what’s coming for them:

Bird #1, placed nicely in the microwave….

The timer is set…

He’s really fat now…

And voila! Now you have a blown up Peep…

Don’t even say I’m weird because you know you want to try it now… 


Don’t Ever Make Excuses!!

1 06 2008

This is a video of Clay Dyer.
This guy is so inspirational! He was born with no legs and with part of ONE arm, and he is a PROFESSIONAL FISHERMAN.

Man, I will NEVER make excuses again about not having enough talent or whatever!

CD Recommendation

28 05 2008

Gateway Worship – “Wake Up the World”

So I would recommend everyone check out this new CD let out by Gateway worship. You can buy it on iTunes for only $9.99.

It truly is a compilation of AMAZING worship. These people truly have a passion for the Lord, and it comes out in their songs.

“You’re the God of my days, the king of my nights, the Lord of my laughter, sovereign in sorrow…You’re the prince of my pains, the love of my life, you never leave me, you’re ever faithful.. God of my daysss…”

61 dollars?

19 05 2008

So it cost me 61 dollars to fill up my mom’s car the other day.

It’s about time I buy me one of these!

This is the “air car.”

It apparently runs on compressed air. Why didn’t I think of that?

Hottest Picture of All Time?

14 05 2008

Let me know what you think!!